GET FiT Zambia Library

The below documents provide information on the Zambian policy framework for renewable energy and the REFiT Strategy; the GET FiT program; and relevant regulatory, permitting and environmental documentation.* We have also provided a number of lessons learned from the GET FiT Uganda programme.

Zambian National Energy Policy 2008

Zambian Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff Strategy 2017

ERB Draft Generation License

ERB Investment Endorsement Application

ERB Distribution Code

ERB Grid Code

ERB Power Quality Directive

IFC Performance Standards

IFC Performance Standards Guidance

KfW Sustainability Guideline

SAPP Operating Guidelines

World Bank IFC General EHS Guidelines

ZDA Application for Investment Certificate

ZDA IPPA Template

ZEMA Environmental Project Brief Format

The GET FiT Uganda Programme has published a series of notes on Lessons Learned.

GET FiT Uganda.jpeg

1. Leveraging Commercial Investment: What does it take?

2. Setting the Stage: Building Blocks of a Successful PPP Programme

3. Programme Implementation: How do you make it work? 

* DISCLAIMER: GET FiT Zambia makes no assurance that this list is complete. The list is meant to assist project development. For any queries on this list please contact us at